Notary Services

In need of a reliable Notary Public?

  • You must have a valid State-issued photo ID, such as a driver license or passport.
  • Documents to be notarized must be in your possession.
  • Most documents require the signature of witnesses; scan the documents to check whether or not the signature of witnesses is required. If it is, witnesses must be present at the time of the appointment. If you can’t provide witnesses I can provide them for you.
  • If the document (s) have been signed prior to the notary’s arrival, by law we are not allowed to notarize them, and therefore we will be unable to further help you. Remember the whole purpose of the Notary is to legitimize and corroborate through proper identification, that the person signing the document “is in fact” the person in front of the notary public. We have notaries available all year round.
We can do the following for you
  • Acknowledgments, $5 per signature;
  • Certified Copies, $5 per page certified;
  • Jurats, $5 per signature; and
    Oaths or Affirmations without a signature, $5 per person

Notary Services are always free for anyone who is signed up for our Credit Repair or Financial Coaching Services. Get your Documents notarized for free with a Life Insurance Quote also.